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Supporting documents for your Agile Offshore Software Development team


Scrum Card for Team Member

Scrum Card for Product Owner

Scrum on a Page ver. 2021

Scrum Card for Scrum Master

Planning Poker Cards

Public Holiday (ICS)

iCalendar file (.ics) is used for calendar apps. 

Import an (.ics) file into Calendar (Outlook 2010): 

  • On the File menu, click Open, click Import. 

  • Select Import an iCalendar (.ics),click Next. 

  • Select (.ics) file, click Import. 

iCalendar 2023 USA Holiday

iCalendar 2023 Swiss Holiday

iCalendar 2022 Vietnamese Holiday

iCalendar 2022 Swiss Holiday

iCalendar 2023 German Holiday

iCalendar 2023 Vietnamese Holiday

iCalendar 2022 USA Holiday

iCalendar 2022 German Holiday


Axon Active Scrool Mobile App
Axon Active Scrool App logo


Scrool is a Scrum Tool Set and is available on iOS. This 'Swiss Scrum pocket knife' provides some small Agile toolsets and supports our daily Agile life. We developed this application based on our daily experience in Agile Software development and testing. 

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