The Digital Banking Platform by AXON Fintech digitalizes the complete Onboarding process, end-to-end. Compliance with legal requirements such as FACTA and VSB16 is made sure at all times.

The Lead Management is drastically simplified and made transparent thanks to complemented commercial register data, Smart Data and network analysis. The integrated Relationship Manager can be put to use in private banking as well as in retail banking.

  • The only Fintech solution based on Gartner-certificated technology
  • The only Fintech solution that disposes of their own data (private persons and companies)
  • The only Fintech solution that combines well-founded banking know-how with process knowledge

AXON Insight provides inter-divisional solutions for the entire Customer Lifecycle Management. User in sales, underwriting and fraud prevention are supported by a self-learning assistant who provides precise recommendations for actions. An intelligent relations algorithm makes hidden business contacts and network connections visible. Thanks to the Digital Insurance Platform by AXON Insight you will be able to recognize strategic market potentials, operational risks and fraudulent intentions. AXON Insight has access to their own high-quality data about people, companies and their networks. Those are included into insurance processes as well as into real-time analyses. Forward-looking companies hence build a foundation for sustainably profitable growth.

Orchestrated Mobility

Experts estimate that individual transport might be reduced by up to 25% until 2050. Still, people who do not own a car do want to be mobile. The mobility of private people therefore becomes a service – a service, that requires a delicately modulated orchestration between man and mobility. For the users of public transportation for example, mobility can be orchestrated via their mobile end devices, that always communicate to them what the best, cheapest, and fastest option to move is at the moment.

AXON is world-wide the leading provider of technology and concepts for orchestrated mobility. On all continents, we enable providers of public transport services to develop and implement new concepts and services for their customers.

Intelligent linking of the final customer with the mobility service
Logic and communication channels of new services are designed according to customer needs
AXON enables providers of public transport to start orchestrated mobility today
Digitalization Platform 

The increasing speed of change, the advancing digitalization and the subsequent, enormous data growth ask for agile individually adaptable solutions.

Companies face the challenge, that they cannot simply replace their IT structure, but still have to be able to react quickly and easily to change.

The Digitalization Platform by AXON Ivy therefore provides the perfect answer for companies. The solution enables companies to initiate change, but in a step-by-step approach.

  • Process Execution & Workflow Management
  • Social Collaboration & System Integration
  • Model-driven Architecture & Content Management
  • On-demand- & Real-Time Analyses
  • Business Rules & Decision Making
Mobile Sensor Data

Insights are data, that are extracted from mobile end devices or rather from their users’ behavior – the devices, that almost every single one of us carries on them all the time are very reliable data providers. They are mobile sensors.

AXON is capable of collecting, noting, analyzing and interpreting said data. The Insights that are extracted in that way can automatically be expanded, updated, and processed – like this, demands can be met in the very moment they come up. For providers of public transports (but also in other fields in which a activity is limited to a time frame of the stay) a significant amount of disruptive business models emerges from the use of those mobile sensor data. Those models surpass anything that is made possible by only relying on existing data banks.

  • Automatic recording, analysis and interpretation as well as processing of mobile sensor data
  • Using of mobile sensor data to provide new services in real time
  • Automatized payoff via mobile sensor data

Customers of KLARA are able to fully focus on their core business, while KLARA takes care of administrative work. The digital office assistant forms the perfect environment for all administrative processes of an SME.

KLARA does not stop there: the free solution is self-learning and works with notable partners. This is why KLARA is connected to all authorities, insurances and numerous service providers, working together towards the future.

In Detail, KLARA takes care of the entire salary administration including automatized accident notification, the complete accountancy, a process-driven offer and invoicing process with integrated customer management as well as – optionally – the entire digital marketing.

  • Free, Swissdec-certified business solution for SME
  • Self-learning digital assistant
  • Optional digital marketing services for SME

Mappuls has been having their focus on continuity, innovative ideas, and consistent use of modern technology for their customers for 20 years now. The company develops and produces high-quality cartography products from classic paper maps to interactive solutions. The focus lies on making maps intelligent and linking them to valuable services. For example, linking sensor data to maps enables users to receive warnings about the weather for the region they currently are at.

Mappuls offers their customers various geo data and analysis-based services, e.g. as knowledge basis for successful marketing strategies that visually combine all the relevant information.

  • High-quality cartography products
  • Complex analysis of geo and sensor data
  • Generating of interactive solutions and digital services

As a software and service provider, Finform strives to simplify the handling and testing of complex Compliance requirements in real-time on all sales channels.

Focus lies on identifying a person via a comparison of the video chat and an identification document. Thanks to that comparison, the acquisition of the additionally needed KYC information, and the confirmation of the conditions of contract business relations can be started in real-time, completely online, without additional examination and hence over the course of a couple of minutes.


  • Identification within the digital account opening via smartphone, tablet or web (KYC formalities validation)
  • Video Chat Identification can be integrated into a present business environment in a flexible and modular way.



AXON ACTIVE Vietnam is specialized in services in the field of software development and testing. The offshore company, that employs about 400 people, takes care of the entire realization of projects for your customers and therefore offers the easily scalable as well as flexible access to Resource, Knowledge, and Technology.

The European management team builds cross-cultural bridges and guarantees quality, continuity and liability. The intercontinental collaboration is possible through agile project methods such as Scrum and Kanban.

  • More than 400 experienced software engineers at three locations
  • Attendance of your digital transformation through scalable IT resources in Vietnam
  • Enabling companies to be agile