For years, information and processes have been digitized and adapted to the technological possibilities. With digital transformation, we now focus on core processes and the user. Our goal is clear: simplify work and life while shortening the ways.

In order for this step to be sustainable, we always start at the point, where the impact will be the biggest: at your core processes. The crucial changes, that allow a real digital transformation, are only there possible.

  • With our knowledge and experience we make sure, that your focus in digital transformation is the right one from the very beginning
  • The digital transformation has its beginning at your core processes, not at the circumference
  • Knowledge in the process generates value

Digital transformation happens where our technology merges with your processes.

Chances that have been generated by digital transformation will lead to new, disruptive business models. With the Digitalizing Platform, the processes in question will easily and efficiently be automatized.

  • Thanks to the automatized processes, your operating expenses are reduced by at least 50-70%
  • The automatization of your core processes is the necessary step on the way to your digital transformation
  • The Digitalization Platform by AXON has been on the GARTNER MAGIC QUADRANT for “Intelligent Business Process Management Suites” since 2016

750 employees at 18 locations all around the world work collectively towards one goal: the successful digital transformation of your company.

The result is a world-wide pool of resources, years of experience, competence, and commitment that is at your disposal, bringing visions into reality.

Our 400 software engineers enable your company to have an agile interaction between business and IT. They create a fitting environment and culture for you to lead your business processes into the digital transformation.

  • Worldwide resource pool with 750 employees, 400 of them being software engineers
  • Agile interaction between business and IT