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Supervised Proof of Concept
as a service 

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Test your idea 

With our POC service, you can easily test if your business idea would work. Create only the most important functionalities first, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), or test your idea only on a smaller group of users. We support you end-2-end

Axon Active Check the architecture and security 
Check the architecture and security 

The POC also, in combination with the Architecture and Security Consulting, will make your way to success faster and safer.

Axon Active Get more investors 
Get more investors 

The POC can help you to convince your investor of the right idea. 

Axon Active Build Measure Learn 

Build Measure Learn 

As part of the Lean Startup, mythology prototyping as Proof of concept helps you to develop the right product that fulfills the customer's needs. 

Use your resources efficiently

With a Prototype you have a cost ceiling, and you know and easily calculate your risk; you can follow the process and learn more about your product to learn and decide the next steps. 

Axon Active Use your resources efficiently
Axon Active The Sprint Contract

The Sprint Contract¹

Get in a short, fixed cycle of, e.g., 14 days, a goal-focused result that helps you in your next decision. 

Definition of the The Sprint Contract 




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