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Out-of-the-box Services

The Axin Tool-Box™ is a set with more than twenty ready-to-use services, focusing on low effort of implementation, scalability, and security. One or a combination of several services can be selected from the toolbox and there is a user-friendly UI to easily administer the selected services.


  • Authentication & Authorization Service

  • User & Group Management Service

  • Credential Service

  • Permission Service


  • Platform Configuration Service

  • Product Configuration Service

  • System Configuration Service

  • User Configuration Service

Event & communication

  • Event Service

  • Communication Service


  • Document Generation Service

  • File Service

  • File Sanitizer Service

  • Dossier Service

  • Task Service

  • Data Transfer Service

Security services
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Security Services

  •  Multi-Tenant platform with Tenant-Management and further subdivision e.g. Branches

  • Full support for multi-tenancy and even branches (branches inside a tenant).

  • Several tenants can be served simultaneously without them being able to see each other's data.

  • Standardized IDM and SSO with Keycloak supporting several Identity Providers e.g. OIDC, LDAP, AD, SAML.

  • IDM authorize the role of the user after authentication and assigns the associated role to the user.

*Permissions are defined inside the package and can be assigned to users or groups after deployment.

Event & Communication Services

Event & Communication Services

  • Events are defined and logged*.

  • Events can be used as audit protocol or just as a trigger of actions. 

  • Scalability of event-handling

  • Simple and effortless integration of Kafka

  • Simple and effortless integration of Elastic Stack

* The event definition is inside the package and can be updated with each release. Events are not logged anymore if no longer present in the code, but old log entries stay.

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Configuration Servics

Configuration Services

Quick setup of all platform configurations due to modular configuration components.

Platform Configurations (including design settings)

System Configurations

Product Configurations

User Configurations

Manual export/import of configurations or import of configurations directly through the deployment. New configurations can also be added directly through the deployment including a configuration validation. Next to a value validation and the definition of default and sample values, the configurations are self-manageable, and all configuration changes are tracked(events).

Base services

Base Services

Document Generation Service

Generation of PDF/DOCX documents based on provided Word (DOCX) templates with insertable attributes and defined values.

Dossier Service

Logical business object that can contain a status, some content, connected tasks, attached files and more. It is stored and manipulated by the application.

File Sanitizer Service

Removal all risky file elements such as actions from PDFs and reconstructs the file for safe use.
Simple and effortless integration of antivirus scanner for files and content.
Simple and effortless integration of virus scans through 3rd party providers (ICAP Gateway & URL).

Data Transfer Service

Simple and effortless bulk imports and exports. Export of defined data and snapshots to easily back-up and secure only the relevant data out of cloud servers.

File Service

Upload, persistence and query of files as well as the connection to entities such as tasks. Furthermore, the creation and storage of metadata. Simple and effortless S3 (Object Storage) Integration.

Task Service

Creation and allocation of tasks which can contain a status, some content, attached files and more.

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With more than 15 years of experience in programming and technology application development, Axon Active is proud to be able to ensure the best quality and operating procedures for this product.

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